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West Midlands Police, the Positive Youth Foundation and Sky Blues in the Community have teamed up to offer a project at three schools in the North East of Coventry, to promote family activities.

The Triple F project has been funded by West Midlands Police and will see Sky Blues and Positive Youth Foundation staff deliver after-school sport, craft and culinary activities at Alderman’s Green, Courthouse Green and Moat House Primary School.

One introductory session was held at each of the schools in February, with over 300 children and adults attending the three events – taking part in activities including dodgeball, boxing, Zumba, pizza making and wrap making.

The Triple F project will run over 17 weeks between March and July 2015, with each school benefiting from six after-school sessions. The sessions are open to both families attending the school and the wider community.

West Midlands Police Neighbourhood Inspector Westley Martin said “The Triple F Project is unique within Coventry. Schools, local charities and Police are all working together to provide local families with a safe and fun environment in which to make new friends and learn some critical life skills.

“The project encourages strong family values and good citizenship through a series of exciting and interesting sessions. Activities being offered to children and parents range from sports such as football and boxing through to drama and healthy eating tutorials.

“West Midlands Police fully support the staff and families involved and we are pleased to have helped fund and deliver such an exciting initiative.”