Raise Your Game (Secondary Schools)

Raise Your Game is a brand new initiative launched by Sky Blues in the Community. The aim of our project is to provide educational development opportunities and improve attainment in local secondary schools in Coventry.

Essentially the project would link in to government and DfE initiatives of improving integration and attainment in secondary schools. We will address the following key points:

  • Targeting children on the verge of permanent exclusion
  • Improving attainment in schools
  • Providing functional skills training
  • Disruptive and challenging behaviour

Participants will have two hours of mentoring per week. Questionnaires will be taken before, during and after the project to understand what the students have gained from the project and whether their individual learning + our wider project objectives have been met. The students will be handpicked by the school, allowing them to identify pupils who are most at risk and displaying challenging behaviour. During the 6 week course, we would deliver an ‘alternative curriculum’ offering behavioural support to each group, as well as providing functional skill lessons, employability workshops and enterprise activities, to help integrate the pupils more constrictively in to school life and improve their attainment levels.

Workshops will be flexible, where appropriate using the model of Coventry City Football Club to promote numeracy and literacy (e.g. financial working of a football club, match report writing, marketing and promotion etc.). We will also work with the schools for certain themes or issues that need to be addressed, as well as identifying an individual learning plan and goal setting for each student.

Alongside undertaking the course, the students would be encouraged to take part in a sports leaders course, allowing them to gain a nationally accredited qualification, but more importantly, getting the students involved in supporting the delivery of sports activities in school and further integrating them into school life. Using our links with local organsiations, and other projects that we run we will also provide a pathway outside of school for the participants to continue to be involved with.

Should you be interested in the Raise Your Game project, or have any questions, please contact Sky Blues in the Community 02476 786 349.