Raise Your Game (Primary Schools)

Running alongside our secondary school alternative curriculum ‘Raise Your Game’, is our brand new primary school model.

The aim of the Raise Your Game project for Primary Schools is to provide education development opportunities and recreational activities for children in high priority areas of Coventry. Our proposal builds on the success of a pilot scheme that offered after school activities, including sports, arts and cooking which ran in a six month period from January 2015. The project was extremely successful with over 350 new participants taking part at three local schools.

Essentially the project would link with the government and West Midlands Police targeted support agenda, which includes the following objectives:

  • Getting children back into school.
  • Reducing youth crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • Reducing the costs to the public sector that are associated with these issues.

The alternative curriculum programme would underline the importance of attainment within a school environment and challenge the selected students to improve both their behaviour and attendance at school, whilst working on ‘soft skills’ such as self-esteem, confidence and motivation.

Our aim is to provide a one-stop-shop for children to provide position activities and personal development opportunities for them. This will help equip the children with further emotional support, security and protection as well as developing moral character. Being involved in positive activities and working closely with positive role models (i.e. our delivery staff, teachers and other key stakeholders) would have a positive effect on our target group.

In terms of educational outcomes, the benefits for the children taking part in the alternative curriculum programme would include having focused support and mentoring in small group environment. The educational and personal development messages would be delivered through an interesting and attractive medium (i.e. using the analogies of a football club to base learning on). We know from consultations with the schools that in many cases the children lack a male role model, and again our project would provide that in a small group and on a one-to-one basis with a specific remit to address challenging and negative behaviours amongst beneficiaries. In turn this benefits the children in terms of managing their behaviour and having a more productive school life; increasing their chances of improving attainment levels within school.

Workshops will be flexible, where appropriate using the model of Coventry City Football Club to promote numeracy and literacy (e.g. financial workings of a football club, match report writing, marketing and promotion etc.). We would also work with the schools for certain themes or issues that need to be address, as well as identifying individual learning plans and goal setting for students.

Should you be interested in the Raise Your Game project, or have any questions, please contact Sky Blues in the Community 02476 786 349.