Impact (main)

Impact Project Executive Summary

Warwick District Council commissioned the delivery of a health and wellbeing project for 2 years from April 2013 – April 2015 in and around the Forbes Estate and St Mary’s Land in Warwick. This project, named ‘Impact’, was managed and delivered by Sky Blues in the Community.

The Impact project offered activities to a wide range of participants from early years to older adults. Each project activity that constitutes the portfolio targeted the following sections of the community:

  • Early years – boys, girls (and parents) aged 2-4 years old
  • Key Stage 1and 2 – boys and girls aged 4-11
  • Secondary aged pupils (11-18)
  • Adult women (aged 18+)
  • Older people (aged 55+)

The primary purpose for this community investment was to use sport and physical arts to promote health and wellbeing; therefore providing opportunities to all sections of the community and impact most on those who are least active and who do not engage in the existing sporting or arts provision located in the area.

In total there were at least 12 activity sessions taking place, over six days of the week – all right in the heart of the local area – with these activities also taking place all year round.

Headline Statistics

  • By the end of March 2015, 848 sessions and over 15,627 hours of activities had been delivered.
  • 1,627 people aged 2-90 have taken part in the Impact project activities.
  • 59% started taking part in new activities as a result of Impact.
  • 77% now accessing local sports venues as a result of the project.

As part of the project SBitC worked with all of the local sports clubs and community venues to offer a wide range of sports, activities and exit routes.

SBitC were successful with two bids from Sport England and Awards for All to continue the project sessions on until the end of March 2016. As part of the sustainability plan many of the sessions have continued to be delivered by local Children’s Centres, Schools and community groups.

For more information on the Impact project, please contact the Sky Blues in the Community office on 024 7678 6349.