Healthy Schools

We have a range of programmes and activities that we deliver to primary and secondary schools to promote an awareness of healthy lifestyles and healthy habits amongst children and young people.

+Sport Move and Learn
A National 6 week healthy lifestyle programme for Year 5 pupils that is free of charge to Primary Schools during 2015-2016 thanks to funding from Ferrero as part of their Kinder + Sport initiative.

An interactive 12 week programme for Primary Schools that combines classroom learning with physical activity sessions to educate children in detail about the human body and healthy lifestyles.

Health Workshops
Open to both Primary and Secondary Schools and can involve a number of health topics delivered as a one-off or as part of as a programme. We are flexible and offer bespoke packages to suit the needs of individual schools.

Smoothie Bikes
Stationary bikes that are fitted with special blenders that mix as you pedal. They are a fun and unique way to promote physical activity and healthy eating to audiences of all ages.

If your school would like more information about our Healthy Schools programmes and activities, please contact our Health Manager, Hiedi Sloan, Telephone: 02476 786 314 or Email: