About Health

It is well documented that regular participation in sport and physical activity can play a key role in promoting health and wellbeing, as well as improving physical, mental and social development.

Traditionally our work has seen the promotion of a healthy lifestyle as a by-product of our sports activity delivery. More recently we have developed interventions with defined objectives to address specific health needs and priorities amongst target groups and communities.

Our range of health projects and activities see us using prevention, intervention and information to address local priorities including obesity, substance misuse, mental wellbeing, gender, ethnic and geographical inequalities.

We have a number of projects that promote health and wellbeing, that are designed to target and appeal to specific groups, including primary school pupils, adult men, and men with mental illness.

We have a team of qualified and trained staff who deliver our interventions and we work in partnership with organisations that can provide more detailed support and information where useful.

We are also committed to promoting health awareness through attending and organising health-based events – which in the past have included match day ‘health hubs’ outside the football stadium, Coventry University ‘fresher’s fair’ and sponsored running and cycling events.