Sky Blues in the Community are committed to providing opportunities for people in and around Coventry to adopt healthier lifestyles.

It is well documented that regular participation in sport and physical activity can play a key role in promoting health and wellbeing, as well as improving physical, mental and social development.

Traditionally our work has seen the promotion of a healthy lifestyle as a by-product of our sports activity delivery. More recently we have developed interventions with defined objectives to address specific health needs and priorities amongst target groups and communities.

Our main objective for health is to ‘Promote healthy behaviours, empowering people to take control of their own health and well-being’

Our health projects provide an informative, enjoyable and supportive environment to help people make educated decisions about the lifestyle they lead. They offer an opportunity to get active for free with the guidance of qualified coaches and those involved gain professional advice and support from qualified advisors.

Our current health projects include:

Fit 4 Life – A 12 week in-curriculum programme of theory lessons and practical sessions for Primary School children (Years 3,4,5 or 6) focusing on the science of the human body, healthy lifestyles and developing fundamental movement skills.

+Sport Move and Learn – A 6 week in-curriculum programme of theory lessons and practical sessions specifically for Year 5 children designed to encourage healthy and active lifestyles.

InForm – Weekly football sessions for Adult Males (18+) delivered at a number of sites in Coventry with coaches supporting men to get fit and providing men’s health information.

In it Together (Adult Women 18+) – Weekly sport and physical activity sessions for Adult Women delivered at a number of sites in Coventry with coaches supporting women to be active on a regular basis.

In it Together (Teenage Girls 14-19) – A 10 week programme of extra-curricular sport and fitness sessions for Secondary School Girls (Year 9, 10, 11 & Sixth Form).

Health Days or Weeks – Working with local businesses, schools or other groups in Coventry and Warwickshire to provide healthy lifestyle based activities and information.

Smoothie Bikes – Available for hire are our pedal powered smoothie bikes, providing a fun way to talk about healthy eating.

We are continously looking to develop new, exciting and innovative ways of promoting the benefits of physical activity, health and wellbeing to people of all ages.

For more information on our health projects or to discuss your ideas, please contact Kim Dougherty on 024 7678 6313 or email