Schools Respect Workshop

Sky Blues in the Community in partnership with The Football League, now offer a RESPECT workshop for local schools. This programme uses young people’s love of football to encourage good behaviour.

The aims of the RESPECT programme are for children to:

  • Identify unacceptable behaviour and its effect on others
  • Develop an understanding of respect and how this can be implemented in daily life
  • See situations from other people’s perspective

The learning outcomes of the RESPECT programme are:

  • Can understand the consequences of their conduct on others and know that certain types if behaviour are wrong
  • Appreciate that their behaviour can affect not just themselves but others at school, at home and in the community
  • Understanding that certain behaviour can harm and hurt others

The RESPECT programmes aims and learning outcomes follow the National Curriculum focusing on PSHE and Citizenship.

We offer the RESPECT workshop as part of our ‘Partner Schools’ programme, however if you’re not a ‘Partner School’ but are interested in having the RESPECT lesson delivered at your school, please contact our office.